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Don't know if this helps but whenever I see someone referencing Onesimus, I remember this from Suetonius,_12 Caesar's_, "Galba":

"The following tales too were told in mockery of him [[Galba]], whether truly or falsely: that when an unusually elegant dinner was set before him, he groaned aloud; that when his duly appointed steward presented his expense account, he handed him a dish of beans in return for his industry and carefulness; and that when the flute player Canus greatly pleased him, he presented him with five denarii, which he took from his own purse with his own hand.

"Accordingly his coming was not so welcome as it might have been, and this was apparent at the first performance in the theatre; for when the actors of an Atellan farce began the familiar lines

"Here comes Onesimus from his farm"

all the spectators at once finished the song in chorus and repeated it several times with appropriate gestures, beginning with that verse."

Now, I cannot make a thing out of it, though Suetonius hides as well as anyone. The important note here is that it occurs in Suetonius' history of Galba and "Galba" is certainly of great interest in unraveling the puzzles of both the Roman families, the Roman Civil War and the Gospels.

I leave the time tables and mockery levels of the attendees of the Atellan farce to you, CP. Maybe you can unpack it.


PS: Larry: No offense taken, it's all in fun.