Re: Stephen Martyr redux (redux)

Sorry for my response there CW. Must of been overtired or something.

Reading Stephen Dando-Collins book Mark Antony's Heros did not make me see Paul at all in Mucianus. I can only suggest reading the letters of Paul. The are the letters of a brilliant religious thinker and lawyer. I just don't think that who ever wrote all the stuff in those letters, could also have found time to get in position to be governor of Syria! But that is just me. I think there is a danger of overloading and seeing a tiny minority doing everything.

You know if I were a Roman Aristocrat in those days, I think I probably would have stayed loyal to the Mysteries and Plato and the Greek philosophers. I can't imagine giving that up for Christianity, even though Christianity does incorporate a lot of it. But that is just my view, obviously not that of caesar's messiah. Although I do think that Titus became a christian!

Have a nice day! Sorry for being rude!

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