Re: Stephen Martyr redux (redux)

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The real point is about time and place of Paul/Mucianus. Charles' site is devoted to a unique cause - finding the family names of the Royals who populate the literature that survives.

I am asserting that of all who COULD have had an "Experience on the Road to Damascus", only someone PERMITTED to have such an experience could have left a record. That person had the power to gloat over the execution of someone such as a Stephen Martyr (Who hmself must have been famous...). He had the power to pull people out of their homes (See Tacitus) and he persecuted God and the Son of God.

Now, unless it is literally true about the "God and the Son of God" part, we have to find this PERSON. If we do, we find the Royal Families involved and the names and the times they were referenced.

I offer to CP the possibility that "Stephen Martyr" is the "Seventh Caesar" (Not counting Julius Caesar) who was presented to the Legions. I am asking if the act of "Presenting a Caesar to the Legions" means something to his thesis.

Mucianus fits the description of Paul perfectly, with time markers to boot. Mucianus was governor of Syria. He had 4 Legions before Vespasian came over with 3 to complete the job Mucianus could not do. With the destruction of the 12th Legion at Beth Horon (Acts 1), Nero orders Vesapasian over to Galilee/Judaea.

Mucianus had a feud with Vespasian (the god) and it took Titus (son of god) to mediate the dispute. Thereafter, Paul/Mucianus became a convert of Jesus - the Flavians.

There is so much more. Even the area that do not match up provide clues as to the type of writing we have been allowed to see. At the end of Acts, when "Paul" is shipwrecked, we find a storyline matchup of the description of the "Camarae" boats that plagued the coastlines. This is from Tacitus.

Thus, if a straight telling of Mucianus' history is forbidden, a slight rewrite might be just the ticket.

So, Larry, there is more here than meets the eye. I post here because CP has a line to some Deep Structure in the minimal taxt that has been left. Jes' tryin' to h'ep.