Serve No Swine, Until Its Time

Fast Eddie,

This fits in with Joe's Flavian Hypothesis perfectly. The Gospel writers were telling (all those with knowledge of the "Mysteries") that the "renewal" of Israel was achieved through a deliberate and revolting process. It was compared to the task of lifting rotted pig carcasses out of a snake-infested crevasse. It was also insinuated to have been a work more suitable for women. Ouch! Those royals/Romans sure knew how to add insult to injury.

The only further twist to Joe's theory is the association of the name Eubuleus/Aristobulus with the event. It's just another confirmation that Titus grafted himself onto the legacy of Aristobulus III. It ties together both of our works quite neatly.

We'll treasure this pearl in our own web site hearts for the time being. I think they are starting to see the bigger picture at Caesar's Messiah, but Ron may be right, the information could just as likely be trampled upon over there!

"Her-nest Gallo"

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