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Had a beautiful post for DoM yesterday and had it blow up when my time limit expired on the library computer. Arrgh!

'N thanx for the good words.

To the serious stuff: You have stated (in so many words) that it is the (Royal) family to which you are born that matters and that is all that matters. You cannot buy your way in, as thief and robber #2 - Vitellius - tried to do at the approach of Vespasian. (Note to the Newbies: I believe that the Gospels are in part about the Roman Civil War and Acts is about Mucianus and the Legions.).

Now, Acts 7 is the interesting chapter in Acts and it is a writeup of the Piso family. The whole section starts with the Apostles (DBA "The Legions") choosing to offload the distribution of the food rations to some other group. That group would be the Caesars. The seven who are picked are stalwart and upright people. The list is given with the last one being "Nikolas, proselyte of Antioch", an identifier of Octavian, hero of Antioch (He built a giant temple to Jupiter there). These seven are presented to the Legions for approval. There are 8 Caesars but Julius Caesar was not presented.

He was Dictator for Life.

Of interest is the presentation of Stephen/Fruigi as a Caesar. The middle of chapter 7 of Acts is interesting, but for another day. The end of chapter 7 is a rewrite (or vice versa) of Tactitus' description of the death of Galerianus, son of Caius Piso, who was taken outside of the city and had his veins opened - This is the stoning of Stephen. I assume then that this is either a "Just So Story" written from the extant material or someone really had a huge amount of free time on his hands.

So: CP, could you comment on this section of Acts and the "Presenting of the 7 (Caesars)" to the Legions. If it is "family and family only", what is the meaning of the "Presenting..."?

Methinks that there is a deeper story here..