Chronology and Genealogy
In Response To: Persians in Egypt ()

We've already seen that 20 years must removed from the combined reign of Xerxes/Artaxerxes. This alone sends the chronological house of cards of previous dynasties falling down in the standard/academic model. (Not to mention the decade or so that should be removed from both the Greek/Ptolemaic and Roman/Julio-Claudian Eras.) We will find that Artaxerxes III outlived his father Artaxerxes II by only four years, and so the chonrology of the Perian Period needs to be shortened by a further 17-years to account for this.

Within the corrected/true chronology of the Persian Period, it can be recognized that Alexander III was a son of Artaxerxes II in his old age (after he delegated the rule of Macedon to various sons). We will explore this in much more detail later. In brief, Alexander III, as long as his true father lived and ruled as Great King, was in high favor and even a contender for the succession. Upon his father's death, however, Alexander had to fight for his very survival. He took much inspiration from Siptah (Achilles) son of Ramses II in his old age.