Cyrus/Pasher in the Book of Daniel

In Egyptian, Pasher means, "son", and Pasherenmut, "Son of Mut". There was also a pharaoh of the 29th Dynasty called Pasherenmut:

Pasher-in-Mut was apparently also called Pa-khred-en-Mut, "Child of Mut".,M1

The name Khonsu ("the Child") is synonymous with Pasher-en-Mut. Pasherenmut son of Montuemhet was a Prophet of Amun and a Prophet of Khonsu.

As a general under Darius, Cyrus was called Mega-byzus. Pierre Bryant identifies variants of this name as Baga-bazus and Baga-buxsa. Byzus/Bazus/Buxsa seems to be a form of Pasha, and similar in form to the "Turkish bash ağa (in some dialects pash), 'head lord', tribal 'chief' " (

Pasher is also similar to Persia, and the two are linked in Daniel 5:25-28, "Mene, mene, tekel, peres/upharsin ... Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes [under Darius] and Persians [under Cyrus/Pasher]"

The Hebrew name Pashur means, "liberation", and is related to:

pasha, “break away, rebel”
(pish can connote "contempt" in other languages)

Compare also:
parshaz, “expand, spread”
pash, “extremity”
pasha, “spread”
Perez/Phares, “breaking forth”, “breaking out”, “grow, increase, open, spread”
parash, “wound, separate”
Peresh (bro. of Zerah), “dung”
parash, “horseman”,
pashach, “pull to pieces”
Pshar, peshar, “interpretation”

Compare also the word Paschal (as in the Paschal/Passover Lamb) eaten hurriedly/quickly. This word combines Joseph and Issachar/Osiris symbolism.

Perez/Peresh was a Biblical name for pharaoh Amenemhet II. He was of the Judah type, however the names Perez and Peresh are of the Joseph type, as was the name of a slightly later prince, Peleg.

The Sumerian name of Noah also embodies the root pish (connoting fish and water):

UTA-NAPISHTI (pron. "U-ta-na-PISH-ti", meaning "I Found life"; Atra-napishti; Utnapishtim;

Pish also connotes "stream, urine"

Elamite pish, “renew, restore”

Compare Sanskrit pish and Latin pistor (ground up, pound),M1

"Pasher with the meaning of antimagic or dissolving magic to influence future events and human relations.

1-Pasher Pershi = magic dissolve (are destroyed)
2- Pasher Ini = evil eye dissolves. Prayers about evil eyes of wicked individuals"

"Mu Geminorum (μ Gem / μ Geminorum) is a star in the constellation Gemini, approximately 230 light years away from Earth.[1] Pish Pai (from the Persian Pīshpāy, پیشپای, meaning foreleg) have also been applied to this star."

Pakistan city, Peshawar, “place en route”

Ketkar says that "Mag" have ruled Peshavar in the olden times and it seems that 'Peshawar' word is related to Pishachi.
Dr. Ram Bilas Sharma, says that Pishach means 'Pishang' and it indicates brown or yellow colour. The great lexican 'Sayin' says that it means "hiraneya" or yellow. "Pish" in Sanskrit has been used as beautification.