Anu/Cain and the New Joseph

Many of the leading gods were depicted wearing the horned cap and associated with the wild bull because of its fearsome power and fecundity. However, none were more likened to the bull than the god Anu.

(Commentary can be found by Googling on 'horned cap bull Anu'.)

Recall also that the tribal name of Cain/Anu was Gad, and both the name and "Blessing of Gad" make a play on the Sumerian word gud, "bull". However, the right to wear the horned cap seems to have been a concession made to Anu/Cain and his male line in order to keep the peace. "The Lord", himself called a "Joseph", in effect perpetuated the myth of Joseph by creating a new secondary line of "god-kings". This double-throne concept was faithfully honored throughout the dynastic/pharaonic era, even if it did not usually prevent bloodshed.

In the next installment of the Persian study, we will explore the form that this double-dynasty tradition took under the successors of Cyrus (II) and Darius. And that ain't no bull!