2008: The Return of Joseph?

While I'm on the subject of the 3rd Tutorial ...

It just occurred to me (duh) why "the Lord" of Cain is compared to Joseph/yacaph. The Joseph type represents a junior/subordinate prince that is sent away to avoid conflict with the "chosen one" of the family. He is given the hard work of extending the family dominions or faced with the danger of being cut off entirely in hostile/unknown territory. Later the patient, upright/non-violent "Joseph" (and his line) returns and ultimately gains the birthright (of kingly/tribal succession).

This appears to be what the Genesis author is signifying. A Joseph-figure had emerged from afar in the Near East. These people possess superior technology/weaponry, if not superior numbers. A covenant with the native dynasty is arranged through intermarriage/wife sharing. The biological son of "the Joseph" is preferred for kingly succession leading to jealousy and murder. However, rather than leading to an escalation in violence, the situation is "wisely" smoothed over.