Family of Treasurer/General Djehuty (Abraham)

In Chapter 13 of the book, the Djehuty of Theban Tomb #11 was equated with General Djehuty of the Louvre Bowls and Joppa Legend. Oscar has found a little more information and has given me permission to post it. Oscar writes: "To my knowledge, Djethuty the Treasurer had a mother called 'Dediu' (TT11). In an inscription from a Temple of Hathor at Byblos, Djehuty the General says that his mother is named 'Isiseneb' and 'Amenmeses' his father. I have this reference on the Djehuty data at Byblos:

Yoyotte, J. 'Le General Djehouty et la perception des tributs syriens', BSFE 92, pp 33-51.

I looked for that paper, but I didnt find it. Perhaps you are more lucky. I know that Djehuty's parents names are given in it, and his titles matching to those of General Djehuty of the Louvre plates.

I dont remember if you said that Amenmeses is an alias of Terah. What would the relation between Dediu and Isiseneb be? However, Abraham was also Djehuty the General because the taking of Joppa is referred in Genesis 14:15 (And he [Abraham] divided himself against them, he and his servants, by night, and smote them, and pursued them unto Hobah [Joppa], which [is] on the left hand of Damascus, KJV).

Is Abraham a composite of two Djehuty's?"