Eunuchs in Egypt?

"Manetho tells us that Teti [pharoah of the 6th Dynasty] was assassinated by either his bodyguards or his eunuchs (translations vary, but there is no evidence to indicate that Egyptian kings were ever attended by eunuchs), a startling and unconfirmed statement."

Joyce Tyldesley, Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt, p57.

"The reason for employing eunuchs is obvious, and even they were grilled and closely monitored to see that nothing improper occurred, but there is no evidence that the Egyptian king adopted such measures. In fact, the Turin Judicial Papyrus offers evidence to the contrary in its description of the prosecution of the wives of the harem doorkeepers."

Susan Redfor, The Harem Conspiracy, p 58.

My guess is that the royal court functioned pretty much the same everywhere, but that there was a difference in nomenclature, that is, attendants in Egypt were not called eunuchs, whether they were castrated or not, whereas Persian royals were served by an army of "eunuchs".

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