Suppression of Hatshepsut Researcher
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Hi Diane,

I'm very happy that Hawass has made a volte face on DNA testing and also CAT scanning of the mummies. These techniques don't provide the conclusive proof once hoped for, but it's definitely useful. One medical expert said that for every disease indicated by a CAT scan there are 10,000 others that would not be revealed.

Hawass has taken a very tough stance toward Joann Fletcher and her Nefertiti book and documentary. One of the primary motivations behind the recent examinations of the Elder and Younger Lady mummies was to refute Fletcher's theory, even though Hawass does not mention Fletcher by name, and he actually appeared in Fletcher's TV special.

The CNN article also states that Hawass is doing the very same things for which he banned Fletcher, that is, going to the public with findings and bypassing the normal academic process of review, independent confirmation, and publication. Of course, I don't care about all that scholarly rigamarole. Just give me the information and let me come to my own conclusions! So, despite the obvious biases of Hawass and his heavy handedness, his passion for the work is some compensation, and I'm as ecstatic as he is about all the new testing and documentaries.