Taking Tut's Medicine
In Response To: New King Tut Special ()

I was able to see this special last night on the National Geographic Channel. It was actually very interesting.

The show discussed the large amounts of clothing, medicines, and walking sticks found in the tomb.

The "pear shaped" (feminine) figure of Tut suggested by his clothing is acknowledged, however the presence of the walking sticks and medicines is downplayed. Zahi Hawass does not like the idea that Tut was sickly and murdered. He is more interested in pursuing the "hunting accident" theory for Tut's death.

I think it is possible that Tut was encouraged to develop physically as a boy. At that time, there was probably some hope that he would outgrow his infirmities. He obviously had a chariot suitable for hunting. However, all things considered, he was in no shape to chase after prey in his final years. The busting of his knee and other trauma shown on his mummy was no accident. He endured the abuse thought appropriate for someone being made into an Osiris.

It is interesting that in the Gospel crucifixion scene, the legs of Christ were specifically NOT to be broken to expedite his death. Presumably it was not done because this particular Christ was expected to survive rather than suffer a literal death.