Tiye and Kiya

Hi Roberta,

Egyptologists don't even consider it a possibility that Tiye could have been the mother of Tut.

"The Lost Dynasty" documentary concentrates on Kiya, and suggests that the "Younger Lady" mummy is her's. It also concludes that the KV55 mummy is that of Akhenaten. This possibility should be seriously considered, however the possibility that the KV55 mummy could also be Smenkhkare is not even mentioned in the documentary. In fact, the name of Smenkhkare is not mentioned at all. Some Egyptologist may still doubt his existance. But none, as far as I know, conclude that he was the full brother of Tut and that both were the sons of Akhenaten and Queen Tiye! (This association also explains the close match of the KV55 mummy's skull and that of Tut.)

I suppose it is possible that Queen Tiye had a Mitanni name/identity, but I haven't explored whether Queen Tiye may have been known initially at Amarna as Kiya.

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