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Author Topic: Scientists Sound Off About Tut  (Read 18935 times)
Yuya Joe College
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« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2010, 10:43:15 PM »

I was looking up info on your man Scott Woodward and came across an article you wrote a few years back on the History of DNA testing on New Kingdom Royals:

There are lots of links from your article to help those looking for background information on where we are in this debate / discussion.

In this link below you provide a well-reasoned yet passionate defense for the validity of the scholarship of Ahmed Osman, which will also be very informative for those new to this discussion:

Peace 2 All
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« Reply #16 on: February 24, 2010, 01:21:17 AM »

Great detective work College Joe!!  Let's hope the gag order is lifted and Scott Woodward will be able to add his independent analysis to the mix.
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« Reply #17 on: February 24, 2010, 10:59:26 PM »

Here are two articles, one by Ahmed Osman and one by me, written after the first CT scan of Tut was performed by Zahi Hawass and team:

It interesting that many of the conclusions made after the first CT scan are now being overturned.
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« Reply #18 on: July 24, 2011, 08:37:35 PM »

Hey Chuckashwami!

The one thing I really like about this website, is the acceptance of other theories and opinion with a gentle kindness and grace, whether reader agrees with them or not...I find everything here very fascinating and thought provoking. And Chuck is always kindly correcting my more blatant errors of interpretations, thanks. Appreciated, always feel..."richer"  the less ignorant I am.

So, I guess I should try to first relate why I am pursuing a slightly different direction, although it always is relating back to, or Egypt relates to it.

First subject: KiYa. I see in comments above a discussion of how she may have been.

Obviously, from images, these royal dynasties are not native Africans. Maybe some have mixed ancestry, especially in the much later dynasties, but from what I can determine with my "lying eyes"...these are Indian/Aryan (Iranian/Armenian/Urartian) people. For all extents and purposes, let's label them: "Indian." "Ya" people.

Because there is just no archaeological evidence at all of any "Israel" prior to Omri. None. There is no reference to any "Israel" in this time period, (1400-1200 B.C.), none.  Not that it wasn't populated, not that there weren't real historical characters involved (I saw in the msm news a few days ago claims of "proof" of a king of Israel named Labaya(u), from the usual sources that distort...and golly, a read of the comments makes one cringe in horror at the level of deception and ignorance.

I just have a very hard time chasing ties where none appear to be.  I like a great detective mystery, don't you? So, I am going to lay out clues in new topic: "Egypt's Indian Kings", in hopes the Chuck and Joe Detective Agency feel up to my challenge: you determine if there is any "M.O." or trails that leads to or from Egypt, okay?

This below will be an example...then I will follow with new post.

Obviously, the "Judaic" or "Hebrew" myths are taken from Egyptian royal intrigues and Sumerian "Semitic" mythologies...but....where did Egypt's mythology come from ...if the people aren't native? That is basic detective work.

I think a very good start would be understanding that the DNA of the wheat grown in Egypt in pre-dynastic days comes from an area not far from the Gobkli Tepe astrological temple site, near today's Georgia-ya/Turkey/Armenia-ya.  9,000 B.C. it is tentatively dated...and this falls within the boundaries of the very ancient "Kingdom of Urartu." Ararat.


The native name of India is Bharata, or Bharatvarsha, named after their 4th king of first dynasty "Bharati."

I do not offer a guess which came first..but the first king of Urartu/Ararta/Ararat is named Arma. Rama. Aram/Abram/Abraham.  A Brahma.

The King Arma of Urartu had a brother: Aesau.

A royal icon of the Urartian kingdom was the pomegranate. Another, later, vassal state of the Kingdom of Damascus claims it also. "Israel."

And in India..Brahma was the "founder" god. A "sage."  Taught Gautama to be Buddha, the Enlightened One." "A Wise One"....a "Samasam" (Shamasham/Solomon) the top level of enlightenment. Related to Shamash for certain...Sun God. Look at the sun behind images of Buddha's head, just like the Christian Jesus "halo" which is in actuality the sun image...Atonis. I believe this is also the source for the word "Shaman?" 

Anyway...from what I can determine...Sidd-artha Gautama is a Samasam, reaches full enlightenment (Wise), and his known throughout the entire region of Asia as "Shakyamuni."  "Sage of the Shakya" people.  Gautama means "one born of a cow": Hathor. So does the mysterious person known as Gaumata killed by Darius I in Afghanistan. Is Gaut-ama Amun, and Guam-ata the Aten?

They are the same person.

In Abydos, (modern day Dragu-al-Naga) in the Hall of an image of Hatshepsut's stepson, Thutmose III, making an offering in the Hall of Sokar/Shokar (alternative spelling "Choiek") to a seated Ptah...behind Ptah stands Amun.

Hatshepsut is a Hathor queen. Thutmose III is making offering to ChoiekAmun Ptah aka Shakyamuni Buddha.

Wild theory? Hardly. This image predates the supposed birth of Buddha by over 800 years. And this wasn't the first Buddha Egypt worshiped. It dates back to 300 B.C. Memphis and the Heru-Asar-Ptah imagery:

In the Book of Esther, "Shehter" is Shiddhartha. Prince Gotama...Buddha...."Buddo-Dano" is Gotama as Daniel...the "Ur" of Abraham is "Urva" one of the sixteen good regoins of the Avesta. Link above.

Urartu. This is where the world's modern people supposedly come from, according to the Sumerian (Semitic) and Hebrew (Semitic) mythology.  And this kingdom neighbors with India....where Brahma is the founding god of civilization.  Abraham/Abram. First king of Urartu: Arma. Same guy/myth.

Lord Rama. "Ra" and "Ma'at" source....I suppose. Or Ma'at is Buddha's mother Mayat.

I believe that reference to "Israel" on stele stating "it's seed was no more" relates to Ceylon. Sri Lanka. Or as Chuck spells it: "Srila nka"...I think he is correct. May have a "Naga" wrapped around it somehow....

Ceylon of course is where cartouches as far back as pharaoh Khyan (Zalumunneh/Solomon) are found. (1600s B.C. or earlier)..... "Sri-la" I believe the stele states. "Sea People"...Island people.

There are the clay stamps with a "king Hezikiah (HezKiya)", shown with an image (solar disk) of the Aten. That is the Urartian god "Artin" symbolized carrying the winged solar disk Isis is often depicted with. "Shivini" he is also called.

"Hezekiah"/ HezKiyah: I think he is correctly identified by Andis Kaulins ( as one of the five Amun priests that hid the treasure of Amunhotep III's temple in Tut's tomb ( Read: "The Mishnayot") from a rampaging Akhenaton as Nebuchadrezzer. Highly recommended read.

Definition: "Kiya" is not a name necessarily.  Kiya is a Sanskrit word meaning "cooing of a bird"...but my source states an "unknown"  origin of this word means "princess."

So whoever you think she she a princess? If so, I think you are on solid footing.

The same source states Egyptian Kiya means "jovial lady, the favorite & greatly beloved." Okay...but I'd stick with princess if it was me.....

Now, look for my new post: "Egyptian's Indian Kings." See if you guys can apply the same decipherment of those king lists that you do for the other, VASSAL states of India.

A "taste": Indian "Kuru" dynasty: circa 1400 B.C....king #5: Santanu. Anu worshiping king?  Later, king #8 is actually queen Satyavati, wife of king Santanu, ruled after her predecessor king "Vichitravirya's" untimely death.

Is "Saty" = to "Seti?" Is Satyavati actually Queen Set Yay(w)a Ti? Queen Tiya(Tiye/Ti?) Vichitravirya died heirs...she was followed by her son, "Pandu", his father the "sage RishiVedVyasa."

Pandu was followed by Dhritarastra...Tushratta...the Ishtar worshiping king that sent a statue of Ishtar to his buddy Amenhotep III twice, his "mistress" he states in Amarna letter, hopes she is Amenhotep III's "mistress too"...hope her husband, the storm god Tei SHEBA doesn't hear of this affair.........

SHE IS THE QUEEN OF SHEBA VISITING SOLOMON. Depicted as to the sun and moon images, which follows the "Harp on a House" image, the "star of Venus" (Ishtar placed over "David's House."...A myth based on ancient is "David"...the Kassite Stele reveals it all.

Puru Dynasty 1400 BC-1200 BC:

King 1: Puru Rava Aila. Lord Ra.
King 2: Ayu. "Aye"
King 3: Yayati...Yuya and Ti.
King 4: Daushanti Saudyumni...Solomon/Shakyamuni...Amenhotep III.
King 5: Aja mida: Aga naton.

How can this be ignored by Egyptologists? Frankly amazes me. It's been well known for over a century.

"Egypt's Indian Kings"....tomorrow. Oh yeah: that "odd image" (not my description it is of the mainstream Egyptologists opinion) of Nefertiti doing the mace on the head attack on realize...that is a image of an Indian god, a Hindu war god....

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