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Author Topic: What We Have Learned (First Draft)  (Read 2286 times)
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« on: November 03, 2017, 03:15:29 AM »

-for Natacha

There has been extreme and prolonged violence in the galaxy, both In a physical/cosmic/stellar sense and in terms of competition between intelligent species.  Although a dominant (“militant”) group has emerged, there is still the potential for further conflict and perhaps even an ultimate battle (“galactic Armageddon) between rival alien groups at some point in the future.  The “top predator” of the galaxy is the Judah group associated with Ursa Minor, which is the northernmost constellation in the night sky (furthest above the galactic plane).  They are a branch of the original Draco Constellation species, and are sometimes depicted as the “wings of the dragon/serpent” in pictographic representations.  However, they are more often depicted as their own constellation, that of the “little bear” (small but powerful) Ursa Minor.  Today, we call it the “Little Dipper.”  This group gained the upper hand over the main body of Draco through the sacrificial efforts of beings from what is called the Hercules Constellation, as well as through an alliance with the Bootes Constellation, whose (“tall, gentle and brilliant”) denizens that originated in a dwarf galaxy (Sagittarius) that was cannibalized by the Milky Way galaxy millions of years ago.  The “army” of space-traveling agents sent out from Ursa Minor have an ant-like physique, which distinguishes them somewhat from the more ubiquitous grey aliens.

There is currently at least enough stability in the galaxy for the human race to have been established on Earth.  We are the product of a joint venture between the major alien groups and even possess a cross-section of their genetic traits, and as suggested by the famous line in Genesis: “Let us make man in our own image.”  If the dominant galactic group did not approve of such a scheme, we simply would not be here.  That said, all life forms (“flesh”) on a planet such as ours and in a solar system such as ours are temporary.  Although conditions may be increasingly favorable toward sustained human existence on Earth, the emergence of intelligent life in the galaxy was not associated with solar systems like ours.  

Planets orbiting mature/older red and brown dwarf suns are far more conducive to sustained intelligent life than main sequence stars, and particularly main sequence stars that generally form in chaotic multiple (binary, triple, etc.) sun systems.  The sequence of events (“cosmology”) that led to the birth of planet Earth was extraordinarily improbable and therefore exceptionally rare.  Even so, our planet and moon likely still required significant external (“ET”) manipulation to achieve habitability.

In the Enuma Elish, the gods dictate that humans are to recite their epic of creation.  Humans aren’t expected to fully comprehend it, but they must be made to honor and value it.  On Earth, intelligent life (or something like it) was conceived as a tribute culture.  Humans were not only allowed to know their place in the cosmos, but expected to have their terrestrial lives pattern after it.  “As above, so below.”
Intelligent life may have begun in the volatile plane of the galaxy, however it did not achieve immortal, “god-like” status until making an “exodus” to the relative security of regions above (“north of”) that flat, hot and crowded galactic plane.  Only then was it possible to return to the “fertile valley” of the galaxy and reestablish new civilizations, such as in places like planet Earth.  Intelligent life flowed out of the “Egypt” of the galactic plane and settled twelve regions above it, even as the Israelites occupied the “Promised Land” north of Egypt and became twelve distinct tribal groups.  The widely distributed Dracos (“Levites”) enslaved the region of Ursa Major (“Issachar”) with the help of those from the constellation of Cepheus (“Simeon”).  The vigorous, heroic and intelligent (but not so moral) beings of another region of the galaxy, that of the constellation of Hercules (“Benjamin”), were nearly wiped out.  As a consequence, the warrior race of Ursa Minor (“Judah”) came to possess the galactic “scepter.”  It is even predicted/“prophesized” that the modified draconian policies of this group will not be set aside until all resistance is put down (or perhaps until our Milky Way tangles with an even bigger and potentially badder galaxy, that of Andromeda).

The original construction of the Great Pyramid dates to the end of the Last Ice Age.  It encodes the survey data of Earth and its place within the solar system.  Even if earthlings presently don’t understand its significance, it nevertheless continues to scream out like the proverbial sore thumb to any and all alien entities.  In other words, this planet is sealed with the four-sided mark of galactic “High Command” and is not to be messed with.  Therefore, it’s completely unnecessary and embarrassingly naïve for humans to waste time and resources searching for extra-terrestrial intelligent life.  Planet Earth and its characteristics are quite well known throughout the galaxy.  There have been numerous previous experiments on Earth and the current one is being closely monitored.  If ET wanted to directly communicate with us they easily could.  They simply choose not to at this time.  

The Book of Genesis was written to complement (and thereby act as an interpretive key for) much older sources, and primarily Mesopotamian Creation Epics such as the “Enuma Elish.” Obviously, only the ruling elites of ancient times had the ability to extract the deeper meaning of these texts.  However, we once again possess a privileged reading of those texts and the rudimentary science needed to comprehend them.  These texts clearly reveal that our sun was born with a slightly older “twin,” a temperamental brown dwarf.  Those same texts also indicate that our sun’s “feeding brother” has mellowed and is keeping its distance, but still very much “shepherding” the Oort Cloud objects that define the furthest extents of the solar system.  Whether it is also the mystery body (dubbed “Planet 9”) that effects certain Trans-Neptune Objects (TNO’s) such as Sedna remains to be seen, literally.  Complicating the search for our long-lost solar system mates is the surprising discovery made in 2013 that only about 70 thousand years ago another binary solar system (dubbed “Scholz’s Star”) passed right through our Oort cloud region.

Collectively, the Bible and older Mythologies represent our solar system as a miniature version of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Earth is considered to be one of twelve bodies that revolve around the sun, even as the twelve major northern constellations and their suns revolve around the supermassive black whole at the center of the galaxy.  Sol is a little “Jacob the Grabber,” who took the abuse of his angry older twin “Esau,” but eventually prevailed over him due to his much larger size.  Similarly, Sagittarius A is a big Jacob, who endured the outbursts of a smaller but highly active twin black hole in the Cygnus (“Reuben”) constellation.  What’s more, Sagittarius A has also grabbed up as many as twelve entire dwarf galaxies in the billions of years of its existence.

The Biblical Old Testament was a work fully underwritten by the royal family.  It doubled both as a cosmology primer and the official history of the globe-trotting royal family that was cloaked with a colloquial context.  Every story in the Torah has both a historical and a cosmological meaning.  By their own admission, the royal family did not have a mandate to re-subdue the world under its rule after the Great Flood that ended the last Ice Age.  However, neither does there seem to have been any prohibition on royal rule, per se.  Since that time, human civilization has proceeded more-or-less organically.  In effect, “the gods left us in order to test us.”  The first and “Golden Age” phase of the new mission was complete.  Its race of giants (physical and intellectual) ended with the shameful murder of Osiris and disgrace of Re.  What inevitably ensued was a ruthless, draconian power grab.  The period after the Flood was dominated by what the Bible refers to as the “mighty men of old.”  Egypt was ruled by 30 successive Horus (“Hercules”) kings.  The family that had seized control managed to preserve a vestige of knowledge from before the Flood.  However, repeated kingly succession battles and natural catastrophes (meteorite and comet impacts, volcanic eruptions, etc.) seriously eroded that knowledge base.
The last great tragedy occurred around 1159 BC, which rocked humanity once again and even threatened to extinguish the royal family as well.  This resulted in an increased emphasis on writing (as opposed to oral tradition) in attempt to preserve what little was left of our galactic “care package.”  There seems to also have been an increased emphasis on honoring the legacy of the gods in royal culture through role playing and the refurbishing of monuments such as the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.  Finally, there appears to have been a renewed priority on establishing a truly world-wide empire in order to hedge against future collapse of kingship due to any given regional catastrophe. This required the maintenance of many interlocking regional aliases and king-names, the use of sworn deputies/surrogates and other “span-of-management” techniques.  Eventually, the royal family even attempted to unite both northern and southern hemispheres under one crown.
Examples of associated regional names:  
-   Alexander the Great and Chandra-Gupta
-   Ptolemy III of Egypt, Ashoka of India and Qin Shi Huangdi of China
-   Augustus of Rome and Emperor Cheng of China

The institution of kingship was remarkably resilient and would still be the dominant form of government today if it were not for the crippling effects of long-term, maximal inbreeding among royals.  Over thousands of years, a number of deleterious and even deadly mutations (such as epilepsy, bone deformities and hemophilia) caused the royals to become so physically and mentally incapacitated that outsiders finally dared revolt and replace global kingship with nationalism.  But not until the failing royal family dragged the planet into two world wars.

The excesses and horrors of the Royal Age are well-documented, even if the true nature and extent of the royal culture of deception is not.  Many of the former practices of royal family (such as propaganda, pyramid schemes, false flag events, fear tactics, etc.) are still widely in use by the major powers today.  A new system that achieves a balance between human survivability and ecological sustainability has not yet emerged from the ashes of the Royal Age.  The barbaric “Draco (Levi)” and “Hercules (Benjamin)” Ages of human civilization are hopefully now behind us, but perhaps the thundering, shock-and-awe of the “Ursa Minor (Judah)” Era has still only just begun.  There was clearly a reverence and even celebration of the murderous gods Re and Set during the early Royal Age.  However, this was gradually replaced by an emphasis on an emphasis on praiseworthy Judah and ultimate transition to a “proud papa” Joseph mindset.  This was accompanied by an increased demonization of Re (as “Lucifer”) and Set (as “Satan”).  But, we are from that predicted destination!
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