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Author Topic: The Clintons as "Ahab and Jezebel"  (Read 1875 times)
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« on: October 23, 2017, 12:19:29 AM »

There's a new "evangelical thriller" called "Paradigm" by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (also author of "Harbinger") that paints the Clintons as incarnations of the infamous Ahab and Jezebel of the Bible.  It includes parallels between Ahab's seizing of a choice property to the Clinton's Whitewater real estate scandal, and Ahab's killing of the property steward (Naboth) to the death of Vince Foster, manager over the Whitewater property.  It further compares Clinton's lack of resolve in pursuing Osama Ben Laden to Ahab's "catch and release" of the bogeyman Ben Hadad.  Cahn compares the White House sťances involving Hillary and the noted spiritualist Jean Houston to Jezebel's "witchcraft".  Cahn further associates the policy of the Clinton's in suppressing Christianity and promoting abortion and homosexuality to the suppression of Jehovah and promotion of Baal by Ahab and Jezebel.


The author also compares Donald Trump to the Biblical character Jehu.  Others are presently comparing him to Biblical Rehoboam, which to me is a better fit considering how strongly this presidency is polarizing the country.  (The former supermodel Melania Trump would then be a type of Nefertiti, see table below.)


Obama was also quite the wise Solomonic-figure, and like the reign of Solomon things were starting to fall apart at the end of Obama's second term!

The Solomon figure generally preceded the Ahab role (see examples below).  However, reversals in sequence were permitted to better accommodate circumstances.  The important thing was that all roles were "fulfilled."  This could at times be accomplished by sharing roles or consolidating roles (having one prince play multiple parts).  It is therefore possible that Obama played Joram and Solomon parts.  Trump could conceivably play Joram and Jehu.  (He's doing a pretty good job of destroying his own presidency thus far!)  However, a more typical progression would place the immediate presidential successors of Trump in the roles of Abijah/Elijah/Ahaziah and Jehonadab/Elisha/Joash.  For example, Vice President Pence might find himself in the first of those two roles, i.e., Elijah.  One of Trump's own sons could someday become a type of Elisha.  (Cahn audaciously puts himself forward as a modern day Elijah, but let's get real here!)  The second of the two roles is the most messianic of the two. It was expected/hoped that Elisha would turn into a new all-conquering Joshua figure, however Elisha "died (prematurely) of an (unspecified) illness" and had to be replaced in the role by Jehoash/Jehu, the founder of a new dynasty ("like unto David's").

Solomon was of course the highly procreative king that was ironically willing to cut a baby in half to settle a maternity suit.  He was also implicitly the king that ordered newborn babies thrown into the river. As in the days of Solomon and Rehoboam, we are facing climate change and over-population.  Some argue that extreme measures (i.e., abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.) are necessary.  Perhaps education, technology, political/economic reform (or even "divine intervention") will someday enable 10 billion people to live on this planet in harmony with each other and nature, but we're not there yet!

The biblical types of Solomon and Ahab are in fact linked.  One royal person generally played both roles, but there were exceptions.  These two roles originally derived from the reign of Minh ("Noah"), who was suppressed by the return of the god Re from exile (just prior to the Great Flood).  After being deposed by Re, Minh led a popular uprising.  After the demise of Re (due to the Flood), the ithyphallic ("prodigious copulator") Minh was restored to power under a new name, Utnapishtim/Ziusudra/Ny-Netjer ("belonging to the gods").  In the later re-enactment of that precedent, Solomon (as the neo-Minh) yielded the throne to Rehobaom (as the neo-Re). Ahab represents the (unappreciated) return of Solomon to power after an "end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it" event. However, prior to that (staged) collapse and renewal, the former Solomon figure (or his designated surrogate) leads a popular revolt against Rehoboam under the alias of Jeroboam.  (We have the mummy of the real-life/historical Jezebel and it is in excellent condition.  She was not literally thrown out a window and then eaten by dogs!  She had simply acted her part.  The real-life Ahab also survived to rule again and again and again.  His last political incarnation was likely that of Jehoahaz father of Jehoash/Jehu.)

Curiously enough, every major dynasty in the ancient world had a Solomon, Ahab Rehoboam, Elijah and Elisha.  It was part of a "good-guy-bad-guy" stock scenario that was repeated over and over.  So, it wouldn't surprise me too much to see the script still in use today.  We aren't that far removed from the Royal Age!  (The repetition is so regular that a kind of "periodic table" of dynasties could be constructed!)

Old Kingdom Solomon: Ny-User-Re (Mesilim)
Old Kingdom Ahab: Unas (Lugal-zagesi)
Old Kingdom Rehoboam: Pepi I (a.k.a. Sargon the Great/Gungunum)
Old Kingdom Elijah: Userkare (a.k.a. Rimush)
Old Kingdom Elisha: Pepi II (a.k.a. Gudea/Ean-Natum)

http://www.domainofman.com/book/cover.html )

Middle Kingdom Solomon: Ny-Maat-Re Amenemhet III
Middle Kingdom Ahab: Ay
Middle Kingdom Rehoboam: Au-ibre (a.k.a. Hammurabi)
Middle Kingdom Elijah: Smenkhkare (a.k.a. Samsu-iluna)
Middle Kingdom Elisha: Neferhotep II (a.k.a. Abi-eshuh and Salitis)


New Kingdom Solomon: Neb-Maat-Re Amenhotep III (the actual Solomon)
New Kingdom Ahab: Aye (the actual Ahab)
New Kingdom Rehoboam: Akhenaten (the actual Rehoboam)
New Kingdom Elijah: Smenkhkare II (the actual Elijah)
New Kingdom Elisha: Tutankhamun (the actual Elisha)


Assyrian/Babylonian Solomon: Assurbanipal
Assyrian/Babylonian Ahab: Taharqa/Tirhaka
Assyrian/Babylonian Rehoboam: Sharezer (a.k.a. Nebuchadrezzar)
Assyrian/Babylonian Elijah: Tiglath-Pileser III
Assyrian/Babylonian Elisha: Mentuemhet (a.k.a. Joshua son of Jehozadak a.k.a. Ahasuerus)


Persian Solomon: Artaxerxes II "Memnon"
Persian Ahab: Artaxerxes III
Persian Rehoboam: Bupares, Governor of Babylon (a.k.a. Alexander the Great)
Persian Elijah: Darius III
Persian Elisha: Alexander IV (son of Alexander the Great)


Hellenistic Solomon: High Priest Epigone (a.k.a. Seleucus II/Onias II)
Hellenistic Ahab: Seleucus III Ceraunus
Hellenistic Rehoboam: Sekhem-ankhamun Ptolemy IV
Hellenistic Elijah: Sekhem-ankhamun Ptolemy IV
Hellenistic Elisha: Sekhem-ankhamun Ptolemy IV
(from "Heroes of the Hellenistic Age")

Herodian Solomon: Herod the Great (Builder of the 2nd Temple)
Herodian Ahab: Herod Antipas
Herodian Rehoboam: Archelaus
Herodian Elijah: Philip II (a.k.a. "John the Baptist")
Herodian Elisha: Aristobulus of Chalcis (a.k.a. "Jesus")


Roman Solomon: Augustus
Roman Ahab: Tiberius
Roman Rehoboam: Caligula
Roman Elijah: Claudius
Roman Elisha: Nero

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