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Author Topic: Twisted History (An Ancient Map of Intelligence in the Galaxy, Part 2)  (Read 1552 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 06:59:14 PM »

This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

Again, refer to the following chart of the Northern Constellations:

<img width="550" height="400" src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Constellations_ecliptic_equirectangular_plot.svg">


7) “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf, in the morning devouring the prey, and at the even dividing the spoil.” Gen 49:27 (RSV)

Benjamin is the constellation of Hercules, who crushes the head of the serpent Draco and also holds the serpent constellations of Serpens and Ophiuchus. Hercules has a very dim pole star, Tau Hercules. However, Hercules plays the harp of Lyra with its bright pole star Vega. On the opposite side of Hercules is the equally bright pole star Arcturus. In the deep field of Hercules (beyond these "Pillars of Hercules" (Vega and Arcturus) lies the oldest known star cluster (M92) and the brightest star cluster in the northern hemisphere (M13). M92 appears as a type of heavenly “City of Atlantis,” which would have succumbed to devastating “galactic floods" brought on by the supernovae explosions of its first generation stars.

Benjamin is called the "morning devourer" ala the Egyptian Hercules, Horus, who is the deified "Morning Sun" of Egyptian religion.


Cool “Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a viper by the path, that bites the horse’s heels so that his rider falls backward.” Gen. 49:16-17 (RSV)

Dan is the constellations of Serpens and Ophiuchus (bordering on Sagittarius the centaur/horse-mounted archer). The “strikes” of Serpens/Ophiuchus cause the “rider” of Sagittarius to fall.


9) “Zebulun shall dwell at the shore of the sea; he shall become a haven for ships, and his border shall be at Sidon.” Gen.49:13
Andromeda (daughter of Cassiopeia), who dwells by the "Heavenly Waters (of Delphinus)," is the lovely Zebulun (Yzebel) "who dwells by the sea." (RSV)

Zebulun/Andromeda probably also incorporated the more modern (and contiguous) constellation of Lacerta (“Lizard”).


10) “Naphtali is a hind let loose, that bears comely fawns.” Gen. 49:21 (RSV)

Naphtali, the “hind let loose" is the constellation of Cassiopeia, "the bound queen that races around the pole." Naphtali "bears beautiful daughters" and Cassiopeia is mother of beautiful Andromeda.  Cf Naph and Egyptian Nefer, "Beautiful."


11) “Raiders shall raid Gad, but he shall raid at their heels.” Gen. 49:19 (RSV)

Gad is the constellation of Perseus or Pterseus (“Destroyer”) the son of Proetus, and rescuer of Andromeda.  He was clad for battle by the gods with a highly polished (mirror-like) shield, an adamantine sickle, winged sandals, a large satchel, and a helmet of invisibility.  The severed head of Medusa itself became his ultimate weapon to overcome his enemies at the end. (Note: In Myth, the fatherhood of Perseus is variously attributed to Proetus or the High God Zeus.)


12) “Asher’s food shall be rich, and he shall yield royal dainties.” Gen. 49:20 (RSV)

Asher whose “bread (is) fat" (KJV) is the constellation of Auriga. Auriga is shaped like a plump loaf of bread and is the mythical source of Capella, the "cornucopia (horn of plenty).”


The “12 tribes of Israel” emerge as constellations that fill up the northern sky (above the galactic plane). The implication is that the northern heavens were (and probably still are) full of intelligent life. Finding such a map in the Book of Genesis is the cosomological equivalent to the Piri Reis map of the Earth’s continents. Both contain knowledge that ancient mankind was not supposed to have possessed. More specifically, the cosmological map provides an explanation for the origins of mysterious domesticated plants and animals, as well as human beings on Planet Earth.

- The first intelligent beings (“space race”) may have been products of the Cygnus (Proetus/Reuben) or Cepheus (Acrisius/Simeon) constellation. However, modern man was evidently created by beings originating from the constellation of Bootes (Joseph), the so-called Arcturians.  (Note: Arcturus is the brightest star and the pole star of Bootes.) It is quite interesting that the published characteristics of Arcturians (high-minded, inspriring jealousy/hatred, forgiving, dreamers, elongated skulls, geniuses) match the Biblical Joseph typecasting very closely!


Earth is a very wild planet. Much of what can be considered “domesticated” could very well be imported from other places in the galaxy (and with help by alien races from other places in the galaxy)!

Confirmation of this mapping is also found in Ezekiel 48, in which the 12 gates are grouped very much as the corresponding constellations are in the night sky! The prophesy of Ezekiel seems to indicate that "Heavenly Jerusalem" has shifted (or will shift) from a location between "Judah" (Ursa Minor) and Benjamin (Hercules), that is in the constellation of Draco, to a new location, perhaps in Corona Borealis.

“Heavenly/Prophetic Israel” - http://www.templemount.org/ezektmp.html

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