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Author Topic: Twisted History (Planet X is a Dead Head)  (Read 1264 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 06:55:38 PM »

This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

Planetary scientists generally agree that Uranus sustained a massive impact during our solar system's formation, which resulted in its extreme (98 degree) tilt of rotation.  This is over three times as extreme as any other planet in our solar system.  About three years ago, a team of scientists led by Alessandro Morbidelli (at the Cote d'Azur Observatory in Nice, France), announced their conclusion that Uranus had even sustained multiple collisions.


More recently, it has been learned that at least half of star systems in the galaxy are binary/multiple, and within 81 light-years of Earth two-thirds are of that persuasion.  This estimate does not include solar systems that were originally binary but separated into single star systems.  Our own solar system is evidently in this category!  So, the percentages of binary/multiple star systems are likely quite larger than the current conservative estimate.

With that in mind, it is time to reconsider how rocky planets (such as Earth) came about within binary systems.  Saturn, called Lahamu ("Bread" for eating) in the Enuma Elish, was the gas giant of our twin's sun.  It was "fettered" as by a "nose-rope" from the gravitational action of the larger Jupiter ("Ea") after a "brotherly bounce" by Neptune ("Anu").  Similarly, our planet Uranus was not struck by a rogue planet from outer space, such as Zecharia Sitchin concluded, but by a planet from our own binary star companion.  In the Enuma Elish, that planet is called Marduk.  

In the Legend of Zu, the planet Marduk is a more complex "god-head" of planets (consisting of Ninurta, Adad and Shara), which resulted in a more complex collision with Uranus ("Zu").  Neither Uranus or Marduk "died" or disappeared/exploded.  Instead, these proto-planets were transformed into the inner rocky planets and outer gas planets we know today.  Ninurta became Mercury, Adad became Mars, and Shara became Sedna.  Uranus lost its inner orbit and around two Earth masses of water and other matter, which became the planets Earth and Venus.  

In a binary model, there is no need for a "Planet X" or other unaccounted large mass to explain solar system anomalies.  Our sun's twin could have been outright ejected and even captured by a third star system, perhaps the same star system ("Laban") that forced the planets of our original binary system ("Jacob and Esau") to overlap and come into conflict with each other.


No matter how the myths and Biblical accounts "sliced and diced" it, the head-on collision between Uranus and "Marduk" (R.I.P.) was the defining moment in our solar system's formation.  It transformed a binary star system with two sets of inert planets into a single solar system with at least one planet (Earth) that was capable of nurturing life.  We can't presently say exactly how precise the mythological models were.  However, it is safe to assume that the model could NOT have been simply dreamed up by primitive earthlings.  It has a distinctly extra-terrestrial spin to it!  And it was certainly based on a cursory analysis (at a minimum) of our star system from the vantage point of space.

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