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Author Topic: Twisted History (Killing Apophis)  (Read 1093 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 06:54:18 PM »

This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

In late 2014, we had our first glimpse of an embryonic multiple-star solar system, GG Tauri.

<img width="550" height="450" src="http://cdn.zmescience.com/wp-content/uploads/cache/2014/10/double-star-system-GG-Tauri-A-617x416/1994276559.jpg">
Image: GG Tauri, "The Feeding Twins - Scratch That - Triplets"
Credit: ESO / L. Caçada

GG Tauri is a triple-star that shows signs of having started out as a single-star or binary-star system that divided (“fragmented”) due to a combination of size/mass and rate of rotation.  The suns are tightly spaced and are presently spinning rapidly within a womb-like outer disk that re-supplies each with the raw materials it needs to continue growing and to conceivably also produce planets.  The feeding bands have taken a decidedly serpentine form.


The development of GG Tauri is uncannily similar to the picture drawn from the ancient Egyptian Creation Myth.  In that account, the primordial god Atum arose alone in the shape of a mound within the watery Nun, that is, as the “central clump” of an “interstellar nebula” consisting of the exploded remains of previous generation stars.  Atum develops an “eye” (proto-sun) and spits out the first gods Shu (“gas”) and Tefnut (“moisture”)  from his “body” in a act of cosmic masturbation.  It has been theorized that proto-stars convulse and eject matter, however it has not been suspected that this might lead to an initial gas-giant planet, such as our planet Saturn.

Atum’s first “eye” was however sickly and drifted away.  Atum therefore developed a “sound and beneficial” eye (our large, bright, main-sequence sun).  Yet, when the original eye returned it was “angry” and had to be pacified (as the “sun” Jacob placated his wrathful “older twin” Esau).
“It [the first sun] was angry with me [Atum], after it returned and found that I had made another in its place, having replaced it with the Glorious Eye, which I had made.  Then I advanced its place on my head, and after it had ruled this entire land, its rage fell away to its roots, for I had replaced what had been taken away from [or with] it.”  - James Pritchard, Ancient Near Eastern Texts, p 6.


Atum’s wrathful eye was (or became) a type of brown dwarf sun, which are known for their volatility, but also their relatively short life-spans as active suns.  Despite being placated (becoming a “failed star”), the peace did not last.  The twin sun was eventually declared an “evil enemy” (nemesis) and given the name of Apophis the Serpent.  As with the serpent in the Genesis account, it is said of Apophis, “I have commanded that a curse be cast upon him.”  The narration of Apophis and his demise is recorded at great length and in gory detail.  It was not accomplished by Atum directly, but by the “sending out” of those beings (planets) that Atum had made. It involved a series of planetary collisions in which Apophis is hacked as with a knife, his heart ripped out, and he is consigned to the flames.  In the end he can no longer even see and his name is no more in the land.  “His bones are not, and his skin is not.  He is fallen and overthrown.”  James Pritchard, Ancient Near Eastern Texts, p 7.

There are two sides to every story.  Although Egypt worshipped Atum-Re and vilified Apophis, just the opposite was the case in the north.  In Babylon, the alter-ego of Apophis, Marduk-Bel, was held Supreme.  Instead of being an evil force that had to be vanquished, he was hailed as the tragic hero whose sacrificial efforts had brought about the creation of the Earth and human beings.

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