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Author Topic: Twisted History (Jupiter Ascending)  (Read 1331 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 06:23:46 PM »

This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

Like the lead character in the movie Jupiter Ascending, our planet Jupiter had multiple “instantiations.” Jupiter lost the honored position of inner-most gas-giant planet orbiting around our nascent sun, but gained it back again after the tumultuous collisions associated with the cannibalization of our twin sun’s planets.

In the Enuma Elish, our twin sun is called Lahmu (“hairy, muddy” ala Esau) and its gas giant companion is called Lahamu. It formed first, but according to the Egyptian version of the Creation Story, this sun was “sickly” and was replaced by a “Glorious Eye.” This second star is called Anshar (“sky axle” ala the larger and smoother Jacob) in the Enuma Elish, and its gas giant companion is called Kishar. Despite its size and seniority, Kishar (Jupiter) was eventually eclipsed in status by the coming of Anu (Neptune).

In the Enuma Elish, Kingu (Uranus) appears almost out of nowhere to replace Anu in the “firstborn” position, i.e., innermost orbit of the extant planets. He also scandalously receives the sole favor of Tiamat. The Enuma Elish portrays indignation that Tiamat should be joined to this interloper, and exults in the calling of Marduk to challenge him. It was one thing for Anu to have earlier "usurped the throne" of his father Kishar, but the coming and anointing of Kingu (by adoption of Tiamat) was something quite different.

The ultimate downfall of first Anu (Neptune) and then Kingu (Uranus) allowed Kishar (Jupiter) to reclaim the status of “firstborn” (nearest to the sun) under a new name, Nudimmud (Ea), who is strangely called “the begetter of his fathers.” In other words, he had preceded both Anu and Kingu. Nudimmud was the new identity of Kishar re-born! Although this makes little sense as a human genealogy, it is coherent in terms of cosmology.

The Enuma Elish (On-Line Translation):

In Egyptian myth, the god Osiris was killed after returning to the West from his conquest of the East (as Uranus had moved in its own journey of ascendency within the binary star system). Osiris was still a comparatively young god, and only in his 29th regnal year when he was tragically assaulted. There are two versions of the event. In one, Osiris suffered numerous blows in an open field and his was body divided into 12 parts. In the other, he is tricked at a banquet into lying down in a coffin, which was then sealed and set adrift on the sea. This latter tale reflects the final prone state of the surviving “torso” of Uranus as it drifted toward an outer (less prestigious) orbit in the solar system.

The Enuma Elish blames the lucky mishap on Uranus (that is, on the Osiris planet Kingu) and its controversial “marriage” to the goddess (Tiamat). However, alternate formulations of the cosmology make Marduk/Apophis the villain and Osiris a blameless king that nobly sacrificed himself for the “salvation” of the Earth and earthlings. It was the body of Uranus that was broken for us, in that a portion of that planet was said to have formed the new planet Earth. Uranus enjoyed a partial/symbolic resurrection when Neptune was struck by the wounded Marduk and was therefore bumped into an even wider orbit. Eventually, Uranus was able to take up an orbit inside that of Neptune.

In the related Myth of Zu, the crafty Zu (Kingu/Uranus) steals the crown of Enlil (Saturn/Lahamu) while he was bathing. This echoes the loss of Saturn’s status as the “firstborn” gas-giant in the older of the two twin solar systems. In fact, Saturn was quite possibly the first planet in the combined system. The subjugation of Saturn to Jupiter and the usurpation of the “firstborn” status by Uranus (from both Saturn and Jupiter) would have represented a major “coup” within the early solar system and in the annals of cosmology. In the Zu version of the myth, it appears that Uranus (Zu/Kingu) had performed a "Saturn-jumping" prior to performing a "Jupiter-jumping." And the chaotic nature of the Saturn-jumping may have become a catalyst for the events that followed.

With the eventual "defeat" of Kingu (Uranus) and dismemberment of Marduk, Jupiter regained the central and controlling "Nibiru" position in the solar system (near the fateful place of the “crossing,” i.e. spot of our solar system’s defining collision). However, the title of firstborn was fleeting. After the massive impact between Uranus and Marduk, rocky inner planets were born. By virtue of landing closest to the sun, the new planet Mercury (a remnant of Marduk) assumed the honorary title of “firstborn” among the sons of the Sun.
Scientists are perplexed that volatile compounds such as sulfur and potassium can still be detected on the surface of Mercury. These should not have survived the disaster that stripped the planet's mantle almost down to its iron core. However, the collision in question did not occur close to the sun, but in the vicinity of the Asteroid Belt. What’s more, we are informed by the ancient accounts that the fiery post-impact Marduk careened first toward the outer solar system (even “alongside” Uranus) where it then “avenged” Saturn (his own feeding-brother from the twin solar system) by striking its “murderer,” Neptune. There was evidently time for the vapors to flash-freeze as a completely spent Marduk/Apophis was propelled back again and became the planet Mercury - a suffering serpent wound tightly around the turning pole of the sun, and all for the benefit of the Earth and mankind.

The Enuma Elish concludes by stating:

“Let them [the honorary titles of Marduk] become memorials and let the first human being recite them.”

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