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Author Topic: Twisted History (The Noah Cycle: Destruction, Survival and Renewal)  (Read 743 times)
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This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

Whenever we find a Noah figure in ancient history we should also look for the matching (opposite) type, that is, the Moses (Marduk) figure.  For example, in the tale of Noah and his "sons" it is Ham that performs the Marduk role by bum-rushing Noah (Kingu) in his drunken stupor. This is why we also find a Ham/Horus element in the Biblical Moses story.  The baby Moses must be hidden in the bulrushes as an infant (ala Horus), and only later takes on the additional role of an avenging Marduk figure.

We find this "Horus in the bulrushes" theme with another famous Moses-figure, Sargon the Great.  His career must have begun as a Horus, but was transformed into a Marduk when the King of Kish ordered ("hired") Lugal-zagesi to kill Sargon.  The uncouth (Enkidu-like) Lugal-zagesi took this as his cue to "steal the tablets of destiny" (so to speak) from the King of Kish.  In other words, Lugal-zagesi assumed the role of Kingu/Zu as the brash new "firstborn" among the gods.  As a ripple effect, Sargon understood that he must ultimately attack Lugal-zagesi in fulfilment of the Marduk role.  However, after vanquishing Lugal-zagesi, he built a new capital city (Agade) rather than taking up residence at Babylon (and restoring it as expected).  This was said to have angered the gods and brought about a curse upon him and the city.  Sargon was breaking with tradition and this always invited trouble in ancient times!

The combining of Horus and Marduk roles is confusing, however it is not altogether bastardized.  Recall that Horus (Benjamin) was considered to be the "right hand/arm" (satellite) of Marduk, i.e., part of the Marduk complex or god-head.  A "son of Marduk" could also be considered a Judah/Mars figure, such as Pepi II son of Pepi I and Apophis II son of Apophis I in Egyptian royal history.

What is much more confusing is the hybridization of Marduk with Re.  These are very different types.  Marduk best associates with Apophis/Pepi, who was the mortal enemy of Atum (Shamash) and is even depicted as attacking the solar boat of Re.  How could these types ever be fused?  However, it appears that the god-king Re himself had set the precedent.  In other words, due to the guilt of Re in the murder of Osiris, he was compelled to add the Apophis/Marduk role to his portfolio of divine typecasting.  And Re does in fact become a "deliverer" (ala Moses) in Egyptian Myth:

Conversely, in the Biblical account of the Exodus, Moses is characterized as more than just a wrathful destroyer (ala Apophis), but also a Judge and Law Giver after the god-king Re.  This is of course also the role playing that Hammurabi was remembered for.

1) End of the Golden Age

Noah = Min cum Ny-netjer
Moses = Horus cum Sekhemwy

2) End of the Old Kingdom

Noah = Lugal-zagesi
Moses = Sargon the Great cum King Pepi of Egypt

3) End of the Middle Kingdom

Noah = Ny-maatre Amenemhet III cum Ay
Moses = Auibre Hor cum Hammurabi ("Eber")

4) End of the Hyksos Kingdom

Noah = Djehuty-mes ("Abraham")
Moses = King Apophis cum Tao ("Terah")

5) End of the Egyptian 18th Dynasty

Noah = Neb-maatre Amenhotep III cum Aye
Moses = Amenhotep IV cum Akhenaten

There is an amazing coherency to ancient history that derived from role playing by the royal family.  The grand cycle of the gods was re-enacted with every major dynasty.  It is this structure that establishes the "context" by which we can reconstruct their history and its proper chronology.  Without it the situation is hopeless!  Royal adaptations of the original archetypes complicated things, but it also allows us to now discern the continuity that existed from the first pharaoh to the very last.

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This blog is an excerpt from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -
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