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Author Topic: Twisted History (Open Cluster F*#k, or How Re Became a Marduk)  (Read 1052 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 06:02:18 PM »

This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

The Egyptian myth of Atum encoded that the formation of our solar system is a miniature version ("fractal iteration") of the formation of the larger galaxy.  When Atum ("the central black hole") grew old, he designated Geb (the constellation of Cygnus) as his successor, but Shu ("gas") disapproved of Geb's mating with Nut (a variant of Tefnut, "water") and ripped him away from her (creating the "Great Rift" of the Milky Way?).  Nut subsequently defied Shu by giving birth to Osiris/Issachar (Ursa Major) and Seth/Levi (Draco), either by Geb or other "galactic partners."

In terms of Milky Way cosmology, the rival of Cygnus ("Reuben") was Cepheus ("Simeon"). In Egyptian Myth, these constellations correspond to Geb and Re. Geb demonstrated physical prowess, however Re embodied intellectual greatness. Both exhibited moral/character weakness.
In emulation of the constellations, the god-king Re "went down to Egypt" and effectively filled the power vacuum left by an intemperate (and ultimately disgraced) Geb. The heavenly analog would be the failure of Cygnus to support/sustain intelligent life due to its hyper-explosiveness and its replacement in that respect by Cepheus. The constellation of Cepheus contains one of the oldest (5 billion years) and closest (5,000 light-years) open star clusters, NGC 188. It is also the most northerly, and sits at the foot of “King Cepheus” and near the tails of both Ursa Minor and Draco.

Our sun ("Little Jacob-Atum") is a middle-aged star.  In a few more billion years it will become old, turning first into a red giant before collapsing into a white dwarf.  As in Biblical tale, when our sun Jacob dies, his son Joseph (Jupiter) will "close his eyes."  On the other hand, our galactic center is already an old man, and as old as the galaxy itself if not older.  The Egyptian Myth of Atum indicates that it was not the proto-galaxy that produced the black hole, but the black hole that produced the proto-galaxy.  Now that astronomers have surveyed the Universe, it is clear that even new galaxies can have a large (i.e., "old") black hole at the center.


As king and judge over Egypt, Re assumed a solar identity and replaced Geb as successor to Atum.  Consistent with this metamorphosis, Re was said to have "cut" himself, thereby producing the Hu ("verbal command") and the Sia ("mind, perception, understanding").  An aging and senile Re retained authority, but Thoth was the brains of the outfit.  Re became the new Jacob-Atum (at least in Egypt) and the role of Simeon-Cepheus was largely delegated to the god Thoth. The goddess Isis also gained a share in the role by forcing Re to surrender his name (and perhaps by association, his Hu).


Among the constellations, Proetus (Simeon) and his partner in crime, Draco (Levi), brutalized the constellation of Ursa Major (Issachar) and were disinherited along with Cygnus (Reuben).  Henceforth, conditions supporting intelligent life in the galaxy "favored" Ursa Minor (Judah) and Bootes (Joseph).

In the Era of the god-kings, Simeon (Thoth) and Levi (Set) performed the killing of Issachar (Simeon), but Ra took the fall for it.  This is however also strangely echoed in the mythology of Cepheus, which was remembered not only as a king, but specifically the king of Ethiopia and/or the Sinai - regions associated with Apocryphal and Biblical Moses, respectively.  The constellations of Cepheus (Simeon/Ra) and Draco (Levi/Set) are jointly blamed for the death of Ursa Major (Issachar).  However, the god-king Ra is blamed for the death of Osiris.  Set and Thoth are only the "hit-men."  In solar system terms, it had been Marduk that killed the Kingu, the Osiris planet.  Therefore, Re had to become a murderous Marduk as well.  It was a fulfillment of his role.


What we have in the story of the god-king Re is the memory of a flesh and blood ruler emulating the grander themes of the solar system and galaxy formation.  It is not an exact reproduction of either, but a close ("fractal") variation on both.  The typecasting of Re was originally that of a Simeon ("son of seeing/perceiving") figure.  It morphed into that of an Atum-Jacob and finally devolved into that of a Marduk figure.  The further accretion of a Benjamin (Har-akhte, "Horus of the Horizon") aspect may be the result of later role playing in the early Old Kingdom, namely that of the Horus figure Sekhemwy/Ham.


Note: In the genealogy of the god-kings, Geb is father of the female offspring Isis and Nephthys.  However, relationships among the constellations are slightly different.  Cepheus (Ra/Re) is considered father of Andromeda (Isis) and wife of Cassiopeia (Hathor).  Biological inheritance (on Earth) didn't always match the cosmological pattern (Above).

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This blog is an excerpt from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W0NR3CI
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