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Author Topic: Chapter 17: Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians (This Generation Shall Not Pass)  (Read 1665 times)
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The following is an excerpt from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

James and John on Thrones Beside Jesus

In the Gospels, the “Sons of Zebedee”[a] approach Jesus and brazenly ask to sit on thrones to his left and right when he entered into his expected inheritance. It can be deduced that Jesus, upon succeeding Caesarion/Drusus (and Julius Caesar before him) as Great King, commissioned John (Drusus III, putative second son of Germanicus) to rule over Rome (under the name of Vespasian) and James (Nero, putative eldest son of Germanicus) with the Parthian throne (under the assumed name of Vologases). Sandwiched in between these two powers was the seemingly lessor kingdom of Armenia, which Jesus ruled under the name of Tigranes (II). Such an arrangement would not have been based on sound judgement if it were not for the fact that Jesus (under the alias Kujula Kadphises) also held an even more dominant throne as successor to Jihonika (Caesarion/Drusus I) over the mighty Kushan Empire to the east of Parthia. In Gospel parlance, James and John were sitting on thrones to the “left and right” of Jesus. Whether this was in relation to the throne of Jesus at Chalcis, Armenia, Kushan Bactria/India or even Han Dynasty China is somewhat immaterial. In a global/geographical sense, Rome and Parthia could be considered to the “west/right” and the other to the “east/left” with respect to the central and superior throne of Christ.

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The prequel "Heroes of the Hellenistic Age" is posted at the page below:
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