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Author Topic: Chapter 19: Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians (Summary)  (Read 1657 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 04:14:37 PM »

The following is an excerpt from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

Previous attempts at understanding the “Holy Grail” have been frustrated by a general lack of understanding of royal culture.  That has now been largely remedied and we can finally achieve a satisfying resolution to the age old “Mystery of the Gospel.”  In short, the royal family was responsible for creating messianic figures in every era.  Jesus was simply one in a long line of royal set-men.

The following chart can be used for a handy reference to the associations made in this blog series:

Julius Caesar = neo-Alexander III (“The Great”)

Pompey = neo-Darius III/Perdiccas

Crassus = neo-Artaxerxes III/Seleucus

Octavius/Augustus = neo-Ochos/Antiochus I

Marc Antony = neo-Ptolemy I (Soter)

Herod the Great = neo-Heracles/Ptolemy Ceraunus

Caesarion/Jihonika = neo-Alexander IV/Ptolemy II

Tiberius = neo-Ptolemy Epigone/Onias (in Rome, Caesarion elsewhere)

Gaius Caesar = neo-Ptolemy III
(replaced in the role Caesarion)

Lucius Caesar = neo-Antiochus III
(role usurped by Caesarion)

Germanicus = neo-Philip V

Drusus II = neo-Prince Alexander (posthumous son of Ptolemy II)

Caligula = neo-Ptolemy IV (first 4 years)

Nero = neo-Ptolemy V; neo-Ptolemy IV (final 13 years)

Claudius/Agrippa Posthumus = neo-Ptolemy V

Marcus Junius Silanus Torquatus = neo-Ptolemy VI

Quintus Haterius/Agrippa II = neo-Ptolemy VII

Galba/Lepidus (the Younger) = neo-Ptolemy VIII

Otho/Aristobulus = neo-Ptolemy D

Nerva = neo-Ptolemy IX

Trajan = neo-Ptolemy X

Previous blog in the series:

Table of Contents:

The prequel "Heroes of the Hellenistic Age" is posted at the page below:
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