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Author Topic: Alexander the Great is Risen! (Press Release)  (Read 8277 times)
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« on: November 24, 2014, 12:48:47 PM »

Alexander the Great is Risen!

A new book, Alexander the Great: Beyond the Divide, by Charles N. Pope not only “cuts the Gordian Knot” of Alexander research, but also unveils Alexander as the primary inspiration for Christ. After decades of research a satisfying resolution to the Historical Jesus debate has at last been achieved.

Many books have been written about the death of Alexander the Great and who was responsible. None have ever examined clear textual evidence that Alexander did not die in Babylon, but instead conceded his claim of kingship in the West in order to finish the coveted conquest of India and the Far East. This simple premise not only reconciles the Alexander of popular Romances with literalistic Roman biographies, but also reveals that the life, symbolic death, "resurrection," and "ascension" of Alexander became the exact pattern used by New Testament authors to depict Jesus. Every aspect of the Gospels can be tied to Alexander, and this provides the key to interpreting even the most difficult of Gospel narratives.

Alexander was such a towering figure that at least some influence on emerging Christianity would be expected. However, upon closer inspection the parallels between Alexander and Jesus turn out to be both extensive and profound. For example, Alexander exhorted the royal women not to mourn for him. Instead, it was to be proclaimed: He is alive and rules!” Afterwards, he comforted and later even appeared to his followers. He was even said to have moved mountains and to have walled off those who believed in him from the onslaught of the godless (as Jesus would do in the Book of Revelation).

By “laying down his life” in Babylon, Alexander was able to “take it back up again” and fulfill all he desired in the decades and kingdoms that were to come in the East. The “risen” Alexander resumed his kingly career under the contemporary Indian name of Chandra-Gupta, whose career dovetails perfectly with that of Alexander. Chandra-Gupta became the very first Emperor of India, defeated Seleucus in battle and then married the daughter of Seleucus. Mysteriously, the tragic figure of Alexander was thereafter proclaimed the undisputed “Ruler of the World” and he has maintained this lofty status throughout history. Alexander has also been held in the highest esteem by all our major world religions.

An abridged eBook (Kindle) version is available from Amazon.com:


The executive summary and full-length book are available through the author’s website:

Download Press Release: http://www.domainofman.com/boards/index.php?topic=126.0

Contact the author: www.domainofman.com/contact.html

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