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Title: blessed
Post by: josephxyah on March 16, 2010, 05:58:50 AM
I would like to thank mr. Charles N.Pope for his genious in relating archaology to
our beloved biblical patriarchs. in a world gone mindless and awry it  is refreshing to
to find a thinker
, a man who understands the lord is indeed within him rather than without, and dares to
reflect upon the truth. We have severly lost this as a result of the fatalistic and
degrading attitudes of our conquerers whos hand we have fell into, this is our fault.
We have been in severe denial of our lost sheep, unable to think rationalize
blinded by pride and ignorance, judgemental and dowright prejeduced. WE deserve every bit
of the bitter cup we have been made to drink. As mr. Pope has clearly indicated the
valey of the kings is the burial ground of Abraham, as unwelcome as this may be..
to quote a great musician, "the truth may be an offence, but never a shame"


Title: Re: blessed
Post by: Yuya Joe College on May 24, 2010, 02:46:13 PM

Yes, this site is a haven for seekers of Truth. Even though it was never his intention and rarely his focus, Charles Pope has demonstrated time and again that the bulk of Old Testament stories originated in Africa, in the Day when Jerusalem lay peacefully golden upon the Nile.

Domain of Man tries to present interpretations that are as unbiased as possible, and for the most part this is done with a sense of grace and compassion, so that the teachings are accessible by believers, agnostics and atheists, by Buddhists and Christians and by people of Judaic and Islamic faiths and all religions anywhere. We attempt to understand and explain the historical origins of faith and religious teaching; I and I study, interpret and share...

This quickening of the times is causing the books to open, and things gonna be changing in the blink of an eye.


Yuya Joe College
Toronto the Good