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Title: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on January 24, 2010, 04:42:53 PM
Welcome to the new DomainOfMan forum!!!!!!  The old forum will remain on line as an archive.  I've set up a number of topic areas, as well as this "reception" area for us all to get re-acquainted.  (Hit the reply tab above to say hello after registering from the main menu!)

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Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: sphinxnole on January 27, 2010, 11:54:01 AM
Thanx...!  Ive been a frequent visitor and think you have put together a wonderful tool to spawn research and creative thought.... I actually studied Egyptian History at the University of Memphis and Im sure they would be highly offended that I would even contemplate a New Chronology..!!  Im sure Dr.Brand, and Dr. Murnane R.I.P... would take back my History Degree..  But you have at least, rekindled that spark I felt as a child when I first saw Clash of the Titans and wanted to know all I could about Ancient Civilization... I read everything I could about Greece, Egypt and Sumer.. Then as an adolescent discovering the similarity between Mythological People and Biblical People and stories.. You have forced me to enlarge my personal library buying new books..LOL.. But since I live in Japan now and am surrounded by Japanese everywhere it can be really hard to purchase English books...

Anyway sorry for rambling.. Just wanted to say you have a great site and as a crash course into History and the Bible I always recommend your site to my friends...  I also tell my friends the main thing that I learned by being a history major is that all we really can do with HISTORY is to use it as a tool to THINK... No 1 book can tell you the UTMOST truth but many sources can help you Formulate Your own opinion...

Then let the Debate Begin.. Thank You ..


Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on January 27, 2010, 08:53:29 PM
Thanks "Sphinx" for the very kind words.  Would you say you're a Sphinx-a-Hall-ic?  I still remember your email from a couple of years back! 

I met Dr. Murnane at the Karnak temple about ten years ago when I was doing my research there.  He was doing epigraphy/restoration on a wall next to the Sheshonq inscription.  We had tea together (things are still very British over there!) during one of his breaks.  I don't remember now if Dr. Brand was one of the grad students with him.

Hope you'll become a contributor here if it won't jeopardize your credentials!

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on January 29, 2010, 03:13:33 PM
Tim, good to hear from you!  Thanks for the comments.  I realize most people will not want to make their email address public, so that will be the default from here on out.  There are still some further refinements to make, but at least the site now supports all the latest browsers (IE8, etc.) and has some new features (like the full-site search engine).  One of the most important features still remaining is to make the "living image" of Akhenaten speak on the home page!  2012 will have to be put on hold until that gets done, ha, ha.  -Evil Chucky

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: WebDude on January 29, 2010, 03:39:02 PM
It's people like Tim that help make a site better - Thanks. It keeps me working.

As for the talkin' head dude, I can't help wondering if he's related to Jeff Goldblum or just maybe the same person - I've never seen them both at the same time!

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Tim on January 29, 2010, 04:29:48 PM
It's looking good guys, and it's good to be here.  Bravo.

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Ronald L. Hughes on February 03, 2010, 04:24:03 PM
Hello Charles (Chuckles),

I'mmmmmmmmmmmmm back!  Beautiful site so far!  Good luck!  I note that you have another Memphis grad as a member!  Hi Sphinx!  Class of 1969 here!  Go Tigers!  Well maybe the next couple of years?   ::)


Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Truth Seeker on February 05, 2010, 01:17:50 AM
When I first found this book, it struck me as quite profound. However trying to discuss it with anybody usually turns fruitless. One might think that historians, or those with religious convictions might be the most interested in exploring what is presented. Sadly, this has not been my experence. There is so much implied here that would(could) have a major impact on a persons worldview.

I look forward to exploring the catagories of the forum. I don't even know where to start, and I have many questions.

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on February 05, 2010, 02:27:00 AM
Hi "Truth Seeker".  Your comments are right on the money.  I have been reluctant to publish formally for just those reasons.  Either I'm delusional or most everybody else is.  Neither prospect is encouraging!  The insights found here are the stuff of secret societies and not mainstream/popular science.  So, welcome to a secret society that operates completely in the open!

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: WebDude on February 05, 2010, 01:52:56 PM
I've known the Chuckamaniac for a number of years from when we used to work together. I got a chuckle out of TS's comments since I can remember some of the comments from othe co-workers about his book. The "polite" rolling of the eyes seemed to be used in all comments. I never had real interest in the subject and am absolutely clueless about it except for little items I've picked up along the way in working this website from the old version to what you see now. When the Chuckster first started publishing the book online, he handed me a hand-drawn chart that was a bit messy (I'm being polite.) I redrew the chart on the computer and is what is there now ( After completing it, I asked what it meant. Hearing the answer simply illustrated how convoluted all of this can get in short order. Mainstream folks like those we worked with like simple, clean answers free of alternate possibilities. They dismiss anything runs contrary to their simplified, "one possibility only," understanding or anything that may suggest that they re-evaluate their own understanding of a topic. Cheers!

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on February 05, 2010, 02:18:46 PM
A prophet is not without honor, except in his own cubicle!!

I had actually forgotten all about that chart (even though it's still posted).  It was an early attempt to explain the "insanity" of the royal family's obsession with recursive patterns.  The chart only made me look insane.  Oh well, no great loss.

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Truth Seeker on February 05, 2010, 11:04:18 PM
Thank you for helping me feel right at home here. Funny, its somehow comforting to know that this knowledge dosen't come without some backlash, and frustration as Charles and Web Dude indicated. It was just getting a little lonely out here for me!

The comment on "secret Societies" really hit home with me, as I study what is available without actually being a member of one. Manley P. Halls "Secret Teachings of All Ages" must be masonic in nature, but a 32 degree mason I've spoken with wasn't familiar with it.(or so he says) I can't help but wonder if the tradition of repressing such knowledege is wise or unwise for the general public as a whole. like the DiNiro movie quote"you can't handle the truth." I certainly wasn't raised in a religious or literary home, didn't go to college but somehow was drawn to these subjects. As a result, I feel spiritual fullfillment in progress. Please keep up the good work so that those who are ready can move forward.

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on February 06, 2010, 05:27:16 PM
Hi T.S.,

My education is better suited to installing solar panels and windmills than interpreting ancient history, but here I am!

Despite all my negativity, DomainOfMan is perhaps not quite the T.S. Eliot's "Wasteland" I make it out to be.  Mr. Web Dude (with the astronomical user ranking!) tells me this site receives about 20,000 hits every month.  O.K., that's not up to porn site standards, but we are sewing a few wild oats.

-Chucksta' the Hucksta'

Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Aaron on May 08, 2010, 08:17:59 AM
Dear Mr. Pope,

I've been reading and re-reading your online book off and on since I first discovered it some years ago (I lose track of time). Glad to see your newly designed website.  I registered with the forum on impulse not thinking that I haven't been much of a contributor in the past. Maybe that will change.
In any case, I think you're brilliant and I appreciate your ongoing efforts to shine the light of truth on us with love and humor.


Title: Re: Welcome Message from Charles Pope, Click Here
Post by: Chuck-Star on May 10, 2010, 10:54:25 PM
Hi Aaron,

Thanks for letting your voice be heard.  It will probably be a little quiet around here over the summer, so good timing!


Title: Heinz 57 in Egypt, 2012 Torrents
Post by: Yuya Joe College on May 24, 2010, 03:03:54 PM
Public Enema Chucksta and Bad Boyeez Croo,

It's a good thing all these 2012 prophecies are just hooey otherwise people might start predicting stuff like ashes clouding the sky from a re-ignited Icelandic volcano or a torrent of black poison threatening to tar the very Mayan beaches these calendric oracles were written on.

At least I and I have the new tombs near Cairo to ponder; who are these souls to be so elegantly prepared for the afterlife?

Yu Run Dem See

Title: Thank You Charles
Post by: farang on September 23, 2010, 03:42:25 PM
Hello Charles,

Got to say, it was a tad difficult to "get into" the first two chapters of your book....frankly thought you were some religious fundie with outer space notions...then read on, thankfully...but then DNA results showed the fact that there are at *least* four or five different kinds of "modern" humans (hominids) remains now made me wonder: was the tale of "Sampson" a relic of some deep dark history of a Neandertal half-breed (your description of "giant=strong man" gave me the clue, the DNA-proof that Asians and Europeans have 3% Neandertal DNA to this day..but Africans do not, and that the Neandertals were supposedly 2-3 times the strength of "modern" hominids) being "tamed?"

Not sure who first settled "Sumeria" either....but I have a hunch. To be told later, maybe.

So, then of course I found the "wild man" myth in the Gilgamesh tale of a women "taming" (shaving?) some hairy wild man that ran with the "beasts" (the imagery we see today as the "beast tamer" so prevalent?), and how similar "Achilles and Hercules" sound...both super strong "sons of god"....both also oddly connected through the "Jason and the Argonaut" myths..

Jason was actually originally Iason in Greek. Ya's son. Son of King Aeson. Looks too much like the Akkadian' "Ea" to me for coincidence. More ancient myth then the date given it, I am sure. Much more. This is the tale of NarMER retold... with Greek spice added. Aka Aescelepius aka The Scalpel. Magician/physician? Curious: "Iason" had a lover, a sorceress...Madea, that murdered their children (last of the human sacrifice religious ceremonies??)..MERlin had a sorceress lover too, Morgan. Funny how they get the bad rap....every hear of another M getting a bad rap? Madea=Magdelene? Just sayin'...

Early this week, in Somalia, there was a find of rock wall carvings...of what was labeled a "5000 year old representation of a man on a horse hunting"....

Who could that have been, Charles? Horses, in Somalia 5000 years ago? No way. Horses were just introduced in Egypt @ 2000 BC....interesting...Egypt being right up the Red Sea coast from Somalia...where did horsemen come from back then?

What is now Khazakstan. Black Sea area. Very close to Georgia, just down the Black Sea coast. Tentative, but try this out: The hunter was one of the Argonauts. Sailed there, was out hunting provisions. No? Then tell me how a horseman got there at least 1200-1500 years too early? Ride that horse down from Khazahkstan, then through the desert? No.

Who was he? The Viking pharaoh, that's who. "Proto"-Viking. Nimrod/Narmer/Naram-Sin. The "Hebrew's" Mighty Hunter Nimrod? According to the myth, Iason was threatened by the usurper of his father's throne...and was sent into hiding as a child. Who raised him?

A centaur. What would ancient hominids witnessing a mounted horseman perceive the first time? My assertion: a centaur. Where is the Colchis of the Golden Fleece? Very close to Khazahkstan. Ancient gold jewelry found there in Colchis, very intricate, include "horseman and birds"....ever see a depiction of Minoan sailing and rowing ships? Royalty had birds painted on the sides....Minoan wall paintings are now found on Egyptian temple walls in Avaris...just sayin' was Egyptian priests that told Plato of a land destroyed....Santorini? Yes, of course it was.

Who was "NarMER? Who was MERlin? Who was HoMER? (the latter two supposedly blind, btw). Mer, the Egyptian word for pyramid, no?

The tale of Jason says they were surveying the earth. Andis Kaulins at lexiline tells this story much better than I...but he did not have the advantage of fresh info: 5000 year old horse-mounted hunter in Somalia.  Here is something even more curious: the wheat first grown in the Nile valley @ 9000 BC came from where? Near the ruins of Gobkli Tepi. In Georgia. DNA proven now.

I'd give links for this...but am I allowed to? Something about not posting material worried me.

More: I'd be curious why no one thinks Psusennes I is the actual source of the "David" myth. Or at the very least another "David." His tomb wall had a "Star of David." His daughter and "David" virtually the same name. His Nomen: "The Star That Appears In The City.' His Golden Horus name? Zemakheperu.

Going WAY OUT on a limb: He was a "heberu." Another 21st Dynasty pharaoh: Siamun. Tell me that the Horus name he held: Sameryehamen-Peremhauf isn't Simon Peter. Osman's "Rock." The city of Petra MUST be involved in any story of any "Rock."

As well as "Saint Paul." Eusubius knew: "Paul" was in actuality Appollonius. Same companion name as "Paul." Copied straight up from Appollonius' sayings. He knew.

Your book inspires, your defense of Osman very admirable. Now with the coffin paintings released earlier this year on by Hawass on msm (then quickly taken down and hard to find) of a "Christ" on a Cross (an ankh with a "happy face" in the loop on top) floating off to sit with "The Lord"...2750 BC. WAY before even Osman asserts "Christianity" began in Egypt. Easy for me to "look smart" when new info is available, but Osman is a genius.

I'm guessing this is an ancient African religion, not necessarily "Egyptian." Depictions (red granite bust) of "Solomon"/Amenhotep III depict a black man. Tiye is a black woman. Were "heperu" African? If the depiction is accurate, the answer must be yes. Maybe another reason for "determined obfuscation?"

Just guessing here: Akhenaton. Akhenaton was worshiping his REAL father as The Aten: Amenhotep III/Solomon was admonished for his "pagan ways" near his end in the bible: he considered himself the representation of the Aten...and his son was just embracing his father's wishes. Last week, I found myself staring at a statue here where I live, of a long ago king that ruled this area...and couldn't stop...something was compelling me....then the lightbulb went off: so THAT'S why Ahkenaton is depicted so strangely.....almost like a transvestite....ready? I already spoke of Minoan artists painting Egyptian walls....think the pharaoh never saw an Asian? Or vice-versa? I think Isis was an Asian hominid that had evolved white-skinned in Ice Age conditions...and was grabbed/stolen/married/bought. Extremely desirable....those Genes of Isis.

Think the pharaoh never meet anyone from ancient Lanna? (iron smelting here 4000 BC, first ANYWHERE in the world)....look at an image of King Mengrai (yep: a "Re" king)...think he looks at all like the weird images of Akhenaton? Look close at Akhenaton's "skirt"....eyes...I wonder: did pharaoh have a Lanna artist visit him? Because to me, his depictions look like what an Asian hominid from Lanna would see when looking at an African hominid for the first time. Used to painting in a certain style...and Akhenaton has a very new, odd style of depicting himself.

Did you know the kingdom above Lanna asked India to send priests of their religion to teach? Yes, A Brahma and his consort Sarai. Just sayin'......Ptah/Buddha. Abraham: not Egyptian in origin. Indian. For sure.

"Christianity vs Judaism."  It was a battle long in the making, long before the 18th dynasty of Egypt came along...WAY before, between this stern mono god, and the Resurrection belief system....thousands of years older, @ the time Iahu the Goddess had a "sex change" operation.

Let that rattle around your noodle awhile. If allowed, I can supply links from very reputable archaeological sites for my premises.

Thanks for all your efforts, Charles.  I'll be back whenever any other fool notions fill my skull to bore everyone to tears...and my apologies for rambling on about any topic you have probably already thoroughly covered. Food for thought: "Abraham's" father made statues according to the OT.

Google "Sheep caught in the thicket." See a real-life 2200 BC statue from Ur. Found where? In the "Great Killing Pit of Ur." What was found there? Hundreds of sacrificed women and children....sad fact. Who were "Abraham's people" in reality??