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Title: Twisted History (2014: Year of the Binary Star)
Post by: Chuck-Star on August 11, 2017, 07:16:53 PM
This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

Last year brought a spectacular confirmation that binary star systems predominate in our galactic neighborhood, and that they are capable of generating viable planets.

The image below shows a star system that was previously thought to be a binary, but has now proven to be a triple star system with the help of improved telescopes and imaging techniques.

<img width="550" height="450" src="">

> GG Tauri, "The Feeding Twins - Scratch That - Triplets"
Image Credit: ESO / L. Cašada

The below image shows an embryonic binary star system that has been in existence for only about six millions years.  The newly operational multi-national ALMA telescope array located in the high desert of northern Chile was constructed to study this and other developing star systems, and gives us our first "real-time look-in" at a planetary world in development.

<img width="550" height="450" src="">

> L1551 NE, "The Birth of Little Twin Stars"
Image Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/ Takakuwa et al.
(The above article contains a very cool simulation of the development of twin planetary systems.)

The next image is that of a more widely separated binary system, and one in which the gravitationally bound stars have their own proto-planetary discs that rotate in different planes.

<img width="550" height="450" src="">

> HK Tauri, "The Misaligned Twin Star System"
Image Credit: R. Hurt (NASA/JPL-Caltech/IPAC)

In the study that follows, it will be shown that the double-star origin of our own solar system is preserved in a very unexpected place, that is, the Book of Genesis.  We will also discover that Genesis not only provides a descriptive model of our own solar system's formation, but a comprehensive picture of where intelligent life formed in our galaxy.  It is this latter subject that we will explore first.

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