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Title: Our Sun Began as a Binary: Cosmology and Mythology Study (2015)
Post by: Chuck-Star on February 07, 2015, 11:26:59 PM
I've just completed a radical new book project based on a fresh reading of the Book of Genesis in light of recent discoveries from the world of astronomy and astrophysics.  

Now available in Kindle format from

"A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

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The study concludes that Genesis and all of the great Creation Epics of the ancient world tell the same story:  our solar system (like most others) originally had an "evil twin."  This inevitably brought conflict when they were pushed together upon the approach of a third star system.  Initially, our sun only had two planets, those being Jupiter and Neptune.  Saturn, Uranus and the four rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) were the by-products of a volatile interaction with the much smaller twin star (a failed Red Dwarf), which ultimately became separated from our sun.  Ancient man was not around to witness these events.  Genesis (and the Creation Epics it is based upon) is a "revealed cosmology" that was passed down to man by our creators.  Intelligent life, which originated in the northern constellations of our galaxy, has surveyed our planet and solar system in considerable detail.  Some of this information was encoded in the architecture of the Great Pyramid.  Surprisingly, other knowledge about the space-faring races of the Milky Way was preserved in the Bible. This latter source of "Hermetic Knowledge" is the subject of the current study.

Excerpts from each of the book chapters can be accessed via a "chain-letter" of blogs at The Daily Grail, and starting at the page below:

1) 2014: The Year of the Binary Star System

2) An Ancient Map of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy: The Northern Constellations

3) An Ancient Map of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy (Continued)

4) The Milky Way and Its 12 Dwarf Galaxies

5) "On the Shoulders of Giants"

6) Planet X is a Dead Head

7) Killing Apophis

8 ) Heading West of Eden

9) Jupiter Ascending

10) When Drunken Planets Attack

11) Stolen Fruit is the Sweetest

12) 50 Shades of Greys

13) Galactic Castration Anxiety

14) Adrift on the Cosmic Sea

15) "Look to the Stars"

16) Not of This Earth

17) Calling Out All Astrophysicists!

18 ) The Star-Hopper

19) Jacob's Limp, Revisited

20) Holy Moses!

21) The Cycle of Noah (Destruction, Survival and Renewal)

22) Open Cluster F*#k, or How Re Became a Marduk

23) Waxing and Waning of Goddess Worship